About Us


IDRACK (meaning: perception/comprehension), is a non-profit initiative that aims to enhance the state of research in Pakistan, using a comprehensive three-tiered approach including exposure, training and research.

The exposure tier interacts with people of all ages, and exposes them to various branches of science. Scientific awareness is paramount to the goals set forth by IDRACK and forms the foundation of its other activities. The exposure tier is achieved through participation in science communication events like science festivals, public school drives and workshops at universities.

The training tier aims to bring modern research practices to students and researchers in Pakistan. This is central to activities carried out by IDRACK in the public sphere, as it brings the quality of research produced within Pakistan at par with international standards. Mathematical modelling and scientific programming and their integration with multiple disciplines are central to the workshops organised within public and private sector universities in Pakistan by IDRACK in this tier.

Finally, the research tier serves two objectives. One, IDRACK provides scientific consulting to researchers within Pakistan that are transitioning to cutting edge practices within their fields, which usually entails formulating mathematical models and their respective testing and implementation and subsequent optimization. Two, IDRACK intends to deliver scientific projects in the public sphere, through research and innovation which can become cornerstone in its efforts to advance the scientific and healthcare frontiers in Pakistan.

Who are we?

Me and my significant other are two like-minded individuals that are aiming for one goal, i.e. improving the state of research in public health and natural sciences in Pakistan. We believe a lot of work needs to be done to streamline scattered research activities across our country to bring it to par with the rest of world. IDRACK is our attempt at that.

We will update this section with more details as soon as we are done procrastinating. For now here are short blurbs about us.


I have a background in medicine. I also love to knit and paint (sometimes). Having trained in medicine and worked as a medical doctor in Pakistan, my efforts under the guise of IDRACK are my contributions in improving this area.


I like to refer to myself as the proteinmechanic. My interest is varied but I love working (computationally only – paranoid when it comes to wet-labs) with biological systems (proteins only – nothing else matters!!). Coming from Pakistan, I believe a lot of work needs to be done to streamline scattered research activities across my country to bring it to par with the rest of world. With this three-tiered approach, IDRACK is my attempt at that.

We are just two people and obviously have limited expertise. If you think you have something to offer and are interested in joining us, please do get in touch Contact Us.