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Using rsync to make a local copy of RCSB PDB

Why the pause between posts? This post comes after a long pause. The pause hasn’t been because of lack of interest, but mostly because IDRACK has been keeping busy lately. Recent activities included a nearly 4-week long crash course in Bioinformatics (two 90 minute sessions per week) , delivered through Zoom, so was accessed by… Read More »

A Crash Course in Bioinformatics

IDRACK is conducting this course, for students and researchers alike, who want to get some expertise in the area of Bioinformatics. Hopefully this will allow people to utilize this time at home effectively. Start date: 6th June, 2020 Duration: 4-5 Weeks Days: Saturday and Sunday Time: 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM (Pakistan time) Venue: Zoom… Read More »

The Protein Structure Series: Post – VII

The final post in this series has been published as a screen cast on YouTube. The final code used in the video is Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the research question was phrased in this way (see video) to make it easy to understand and to develop code to answer it. In the end… Read More »

Update: IDRACK is now also on YouTube

IDRACK has now officially started a YouTube channel. The first video posted on the channel summarised the first six posts in the protein structure series. The medium change was necessary so that the audience could better understand the steps that are undertaken in these teaching demonstrations. The following posts in the protein structure series and… Read More »

The Protein Structure Series: Post – VI

In this series, so far, we have looked at protein structure data and introduced a bit of python code to analyse it. The code below loads a protein structure and allows the user the extract the protein’s amino acid sequence. In this post we will try to extract more information from the sequence that we… Read More »

The Protein Structure Series: Post – V

From last time In the last post, we moved from explaining the theory of proteins, especially their 3D structures to actually handling the structures with Python in the jupyter notebook. If you are new here please have a look at the preceding posts to catch up. In this post, I will assume you have looked… Read More »

Vaccines: The Hidden Cure

Vaccines are unquestionably a powerful and cost effective prevention measure that helps prevent disease. Millions of lives are saved through vaccination each year. However, last year almost ~20 million children were not vaccinated worldwide due to either a combination of conflict, lack of access or complacency, just for measles[1]. Pakistani population is currently bearing a… Read More »

Report on the Impact of September 2019 Outreach by IDRACK

Compiled by: Maria Shah Edited by:  Tehreem Jamil IDRACK is a non-profit initiative, specializing in scientific computing and research methods in natural sciences and healthcare. It focuses on improving the state of research in Pakistan, through a comprehensive  three-tiered approach including exposure, training and research. Research scholars in Pakistan do not have sufficient opportunities where… Read More »

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

Background: It is hard to imagine that we are still debating this 223 years after the successful development of the first vaccine, in 1796, by Edward Jenner. To a Pakistani this may seem like a debate in the west but locally people are increasingly refusing to vaccinate their children on various grounds. This also made… Read More »

Smoking and Radiation: The danger no one ever brings up

Smoking is dangerous and other things “Smoking is dangerous”, “Smoking can be injurious to your health”, “Tobacco smoke can harm your children”, “Cigarettes are addictive”, “Smoking kills”, “Smoking can cause blindness”, “Smoking can cause a slow and painful death”, “Smoking can cause mouth cancer”, “Smoking can lead to infertility” are just some of the warnings listed… Read More »