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Vaccines: The Hidden Cure

Vaccines are unquestionably a powerful and cost effective prevention measure that helps prevent disease. Millions of lives are saved through vaccination each year. However, last year almost ~20 million children were not vaccinated worldwide due to either a combination of conflict, lack of access or complacency, just for measles[1]. Pakistani population is currently bearing a… Read More »

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

Background: It is hard to imagine that we are still debating this 223 years after the successful development of the first vaccine, in 1796, by Edward Jenner. To a Pakistani this may seem like a debate in the west but locally people are increasingly refusing to vaccinate their children on various grounds. This also made… Read More »

Smoking and Radiation: The danger no one ever brings up

Smoking is dangerous and other things “Smoking is dangerous”, “Smoking can be injurious to your health”, “Tobacco smoke can harm your children”, “Cigarettes are addictive”, “Smoking kills”, “Smoking can cause blindness”, “Smoking can cause a slow and painful death”, “Smoking can cause mouth cancer”, “Smoking can lead to infertility” are just some of the warnings listed… Read More »