Goodbye World.

It is time to say goodbye.
Thank you everyone for being a part of this journey. IDRACK started off as a pet project and lasted a good couple of years.
During this period IDRACK carried out several activities notable ones of which were:
>> Free scientific computing workshops at universities in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar
>> Free course on Introduction to Bioinformatics
>> Research talks at universities in Lahore & Islamabad
>> 7 interns who completed their projects with IDRACK [and several who left in the middle 😀 ]
>> Outreach at the Lahore Science Mela
>> Public health awareness at primary schools regarding the importance of vaccines in 2018
>> Public health awareness at primary schools in February 2020 regarding prevention of the coronavirus.
We achieved a lot more compared to our original goal.
Some of the activities saw great support from others and we thank them.
As a pet project, IDRACK has outgrown the resources we can dedicate to it, especially in terms of time. With the new year just rolling in and with new personal goals, IDRACK will be shutting down and its services will slowly stop over the next weeks. Others are welcome to work in this niche area and will receive full support from us if needed.
There are many people IDRACK has to thank, from the IT staff at venues who helped put things together to the distribution of certificates. A few notable mentions include Prof Sabieh Anwar, Mohsina Asif and Charisma Wafi from Khwarizmi Science Society (خوارزمی سائنس سوسائٹی) and Iqra Saeed and Ayesha Saeed who were instrumental in our outreach at the Lahore Science Mela. Another mention of Ayesha Saeed for running one of our public health awareness drives in early 2020, just before the pandemic which educated children on how airborne diseases spread and how to contain their spread.
A special shout out to Tehreem Jamil who kept things sane in turbulent times.
This list is quite long, apologies for not including everyone. Thank you for your help during this very exciting duration and at IDRACK we hope that there will be more people who will carry something similar to this forward for the betterment of natural sciences and public health in Pakistan.
This is IDRACK signing off on 24th of Jan, 2022.