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IDRACK is proud to partner with Exploration, the brain child of an Astronomy enthusiast, Yumna Majeed. Yumna aims to bring the subject of Astronomy to communities that are currently deprived of education in this area of Science. Through her efforts of visiting schools and communicating “Astronomy” as a subject to children, she endeavours to attract young minds in Pakistan to this field. IDRACK has partnered with her, to design content that serves a more wider community. Something that both IDRACK and Exploration would struggle to cover on their own. If you are interested in finding more about Exploration or Yumna, head over to their Facebook presence to start a discussion.

IDRACK is always in search of collaborations with other non-profit organisations that share the same goals as IDRACK.

By partnering with others, IDRACK believes the impact would be bigger and better than can be achieved alone.

Start a conversation and see where it goes.